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February 13, 2011

Facebook killed the radio star

If video killed the radio star, then Facebook killed this pathetic little blog o' mine. Crap. 8 months since last post. Oh well.

Since I have a longer form thing to relate, to the blog it is.

So, Meredith is looking for a V-day card for Josie while we're at the grocery store. Most of the 'for Mom' ones are picked over, just scraps of envelopes left over. So we move over to the just for fun ones. I know to watch out for the obviously grown up ones, but M proceeds to pick up a card with a cartoon squirrel on the front. She then reads it in her out loud, first grade voice and it's about a squirrel inviting his lady squirrel friend to play with his nuts. Did I mention she's reading it out loud? Did I mention how %$&#-ing crowded the card section is late on the day before Valentine's?

The lovely thing is that she really wants the card, since she thinks it's hilarious in a single entendre way, completely oblivious to the extra entendre they packed in there for free. So she's begging to get it. Did I mention the fellow shoppers?

Before we're done, she also finds one with a donkey on the front with googly eyes, and the punch line is something about 'getting your silly ass into my heart' or something. Also read out loud in a first graders voice.

Who knew V-day card shopping was such a minefield? I talked her into some plain vanilla card and won't be doing that again with her for 6 or 7 years.

Posted by Greg on February 13, 2011 9:59 PM


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