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February 4, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday, Andrew...

...is what I would be saying now if I went back in time two days to Feb 2 which was Andrew's actual big day. But you know how it is, what with the hoopla of the Groundhog Day festivities and the excitement of Illinois primary voting that day, things got out of hand.

Yes, he's three, meaning unless we have any surprise kids on the way, we're officially done with the terrible twos in this household. Truth be told, though, based on the last two days I don't think Andrew read that memo.

We had a low-key pizza-and-cake party here at the house on Tue night with a few friends from the neighborhood. Andrew is in to Super Why, a PBS word maven/superhero. So the official Super Why cape, mask and WhyWriter that he got were big hits. Before he got those official duds, he had settled on wearing one of M's old fairy costumes as his cape, so this was a step up.

His early present to us, more impressively, is that he seems to have finally clicked on the whole potty training thing. He actually is moving on to his third or fourth week now of diaper free days.

Lest you think it's all sunshine and birthday cake here at the Phelps manse, we had yet another major appliance go boots up today. Technically, our washing machine is still working, but according to the guy who came out today to look at it, it's terminal and has about 6-8 weeks to go. So we're in the market for a washing machine. Anyone buy one recently and have a favorite?

And returning to the Illinois voting, how the hell did this guy get elected to anything, much less win the Dem nomination for Lt. Gov. I'm usually wary of stereotyping your typical steroid-taking, massage parlor patronizing, abusive pawnbrokers, but even in Illinois, that's not your usual stepping stone to the Lt. Governorship.

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