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January 27, 2010

the iPad cometh

My thoughts on the iPad that Apple announced today:

  • Surprise -- it was over hyped. I listened to a lot of the event and was mostly underwhelmed. Product looks really cool and I can't wait to test drive one. Hell, I'll probably want one. But literally the only 'WOW' moment I had was the announcement of the price. That price range, for what you're getting, was attractive.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that 3G service was relatively cheap and contract-free.
  • What was up with all of the iWork focus? Nothing killed the buzz faster than talking about how fun it is...to process words. And create *yawn* spreadshee...zzzzzz. Those apps actually looked OK (and really cheap at $10) but no ones chomping at the bit for an iPad for that reason.
  • Blame the hype, again, but there wasn't a real gee whiz technology introduced. Some of the leaked rumors were proposing new multi-touch input methods or tactile feedback, for instance. I suppose I was hoping for something that 'revolutionary' to come out.
  • Was surprised and a bit put off by how much of the time Jobs and his cohorts kept reminding us of how revolutionary and magical it was. Seemed hyperbolic. I know they want to fire up the masses, but it didn't mesh with the otherwise pedestrian "it's basically a bigger iTouch" message.

Having been in the market for a cheap laptop or netbook recently (and choosing a laptop), I can say that this has infinitely more appeal than a netbook. I've got to think that even at a higher price point than most netbooks, that's the market segment that will get steamrolled. Netbooks already seemed dinky and underpowered to me. They certainly seemed unfun to use, with their cramped screens and keyboards. Compared to this, they're going to suffer even more on that score.

So overall, I actually liked the device and the price and want to try one out, but it didn't really come close to the hype. No one expects the hype and the rumors to be true, of course, but this ended up being far more modest and incremental than I expected/hoped. Oh well, there's always version 2.

Posted by Greg on January 27, 2010 6:33 PM


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