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September 30, 2009

M learns puppy love lessons

So, Meredith told Josie a secret sometime on Saturday. Then, within a few hours of that, she let on to me that she had told Mommy a secret but that she couldn't tell me. Top secret stuff, apparently. Then within about, oh, 15 seconds of that, she caved and told me the secret too.

She said she was 'in love with' a boy at school. After suppressing initial thoughts of having a word with the young man to lay down the law, I pretty much just smiled and let her bask in her puppy love "secret".

This never happened in preschool, btw. That was just 3 months ago. What the hell happened? What's in the Kindergarten water?

Anyway, after missing school on Monday because of a 200-or-so degree fever, she came home on Tuesday saying she didn't want to go to school any more. Apparently, she told her puppy love secret to a "friend", who promptly let go of the secret like a hot potato, which led to some nice little schoolyard taunting. M was thoroughly embarrassed and has, I think, learned a lesson about being a bit more careful about whom she shares secrets with.

For starters, I can't be trusted since I'm telling the Internets. When she learns to read better, I'm toast.

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September 6, 2009

Milestone week for M

Meredith hits two milestones this week, and thus we do to. First, today is birthday #6 for the wee lass and second, she starts kindergarten on Tuesday. Wow. It's cliche to say time flies and they grow up fast and all of that, and it's all pretty true. But I'm just happy/proud to have such a wonderful little girl, no matter how quickly or slowly it all goes down. It's a treat to watch her turn into whatever she wants to turn in to. And for the record, she currently answers the 'what do you want to be when you grow up' question by saying she wants to be an artist during the day, and a ballerina at night. She's figured out she can do both by splitting up her day cleverly like that.

She's had a good day. Her big party with friends is going to be later in the week, so the chaos is looming. It was kind of low-key today. Around lunch, we had a cake and opened some presents. Her friend from next door got her a fish, which was a big hit. His name is Fiona -- yes, his name is Fiona. Not much concern on M's part for gender-specific names.

Andrew is 2 and a half and into just about everything. He's been into trucks/construction equipment for some time now, but he's been in truck nirvana for the last several weeks. There's a sewer replacement project going down a block from us and it involves 5-7 large pieces of equipment: backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, you name it, it's there. He's in heaven. We make at least 2 pilgrimages a day down the street to check out the action. He's going to be spoiled when the project is done. Not sure if the Tonka toys are going to cut it for him anymore.

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