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January 14, 2009

Andrew update

IMG_1597.JPGYoung Andrew will be 2 in about 2 weeks and I haven't written of his exploits in a while. Shortly before Xmas, he treated us to our first trip to the emergency room here in Chicago. Here's how it went down.

  • Add one cast iron dutch oven lid, like this one

  • Throw in one toe

  • Add gravity and mix together

He managed to pull this lid out of our cabinet and drop it on his toe one morning shortly after I took off for work. Josie heard the loud crash and subsequent crying. It was only after a few minutes when the blood started seeping through his footed pajamas that it became apparent this wasn't a garden variety problem. She tried to stop the bleeding to no avail. Meredith helped; she's never shy about sharing her innate expertise on every subject matter ever invented ever.

When it was clear the bleeding wasn't going to stop, Josie pulled the kids together for a cold and icy stroller walk to the hospital. (We're only 3 blocks away from Children's Memorial here in Chicago.) For good measure, M slipped on the ice about a block from the hospital, so when Josie entered the doors, she came armed with dual crying kids. She called me in the middle of this and so I turned right around from work and met them there about 30 minutes later.

By the time I arrived Andrew was calmed down. The staff at the ER got the foot bandaged up pretty well and then we all waited together for a doc to take a look. At one point, they gave him some Motrin for the pain and I swear they gave about 5 times the max dose the side of the box tells us mere civilians to give. I'll never again angst over whether I went over the recommended dosage by a milliliter or two. And sure enough, something kicked in because shortly after an X-ray (which Andrew took in stride with curious detachment), he fell asleep at 10 in the morning in Josie's arms for the first time in...ever.

To sum up, the end results were no fracture, a bloody mess of a toe and a missing toenail. They had us keep him in a soft bandage for about a week. After realizing there was no serious damage, I half-hoped it might slow him down a bit for the holidays to give us a fighting chance. No luck. Aside from an occasional limp because of the big soft 'cast', he was at full speed. And the word 'bobo' jumped into the number three slot of most common words behind 'momma' and 'daddy'.

And I know what you're all thinking; yes, we now keep the dutch oven safely guarded behind our knife and broken glass basket. We don't want this happening again.

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