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September 13, 2008

1993 relived

Last night Josie and I got out to a local club to hear some music. The two main acts were Bruce Robison and Guy Forsyth. Robison and his wife Kelly Willis are two of Josie's favorite singer/songwriters. We have seen one or the other (and once both) of them perform separately probably 7 or 8 times from Austin to Houston to New York and now in Chicago.

Robison has penned songs that have been recorded by bigger names, so he personally stays under the radar. But he's really, really good. His genre is country, but if your biased against country, don't let that keep you from listening to him or to Kelly. To their likely detriment from a success point of view, they are both far from the 'pop country' that passes for country music on the radio.

Guy Forsyth is the 1993 connection. When Josie and I were first dating in 1993, we were semi-regulars at a weekly show he did on 6th Street in Austin at a bar called Joe's Generic Bar. Joe's Generic is closed now, but was just a very basic hole-in-the-wall blues club with no cover, which was key for my then-broke self.

It was very small, very intimate and Forsyth was (and still is, as we found out) simply a great entertainer. Unbelievable voice, a wide range of instruments and great blues. The sounds and energy he and his two other bandmates put out was phenomenal. His recorded music doesn't do his act justice. If you ever have a chance to see him live, go. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing him again and I'd jump at the chance again.

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