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August 16, 2008

Crime Wave

We've spent a week fighting off our own personal crime wave this week. Actually, Josie has. First, on Tuesday her purse was stolen out of our car. She was dropping M off for swimming lessons and thought she had locked the car. She was away from the car for about 10 minutes and when she came back, her purse was gone. We called it in and reported all of the credit cards and such, but what a pain in the ass.

Then we had someone let their dog go through our (closed) gate and leave an unwanted present on our front yard. Let's just say we didn't ask for fertilizer in that particular spot. They (or someone) also stole a bungie cord we use to keep our gate secure.

And today, she fended off a scam attempt. Someone approached her and said they were locked out of their house. They asked to use the phone; Josie dialed a number for her and there was no answer. At this point, Josie recognized this as a scam attempt, since the same thing happened about a year ago. The way the scam works, the con looks presentable, paints themselves as a normal person who's been locked out. They make a phone call (invariably with no answer) and then ask for around $15 to $20 for cab fare or something.


Josie just ended the conversation today, but isn't it nice to know such decent people are out there trying to con us.


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