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June 26, 2008

tooth fairy

If all goes well, we may have a visit from Tooth Fairy tonight, since Meredith ended her day with one less tooth than she started it with. It's one of her bottom front teeth. She had gone to the dentist a few weeks back and the tooth was already loose then. X-rays show that her permanent teeth are right there behind the baby ones, just waiting to debut. And now it begins. I hope the Tooth Fairy has moved on from the dollars of my youth to iPhones. We'll have to wait and see.

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June 24, 2008

my videography could use some polish

Here's video of Andrew from early May kicking around a soccer ball like a pro. He was about 15 months old when this was shot. We've never gotten around to getting a proper video camera, so this was shot using our basic little point and shoot Canon.

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June 2, 2008

All baseball, all the time

Saturday for us was all about baseball, at least for Meredith and me. It was a gorgeous Saturday here and we started off with M's last t-ball game. She's come a long way in 6 short weeks. I wouldn't say she loves it like she did soccer, but she got into it by the end.

Then right after that we took a break from baseball and all four of us joined M's school classmates for an end-of-year picnic in Lincoln Park at a playground just a few minutes away from us. Both kids had a blast (no pics though).

Then we all came home and took it easy for an hour or so, before M and I hopped in the car and drove up to Milwaukee to see the Astros play (and lose miserably to) the Brewers. Miller Park was a really nice stadium, one of the nicest parks I've been too. M really liked it, focusing mainly on the food. Keep the popcorn, hot dogs, fries and ice cream coming every 2 innings and you can make it through the whole game, which we did. We had great seats, too, about 8 rows behind home plate. Thank you, Craigslist.

The sausage race during the 6th inning stretch was another highlight. If you don't know, Milwaukee is a sausage-eating town and they've got sausage mascots who race around the field. No on-screen dot races for these fans. There's chorizo, Italian, Polish, Brat and a hot dog. For those who were wagering, the Italian took top honors this time.

Meredith stayed awake and alert through the whole game and I think she'll be up for a return visit. Maybe we'll go see the red-hot Cubs next time, seeing as how they're a mile away, not 100.

On the Andrew front, he recently had a 15-month check up and is doing great. He's actually 16 months now, I'm just late talking about it. Like M, he's way up the charts on height and very middle of the road on weight. I used to think M was physical and coordinated for her age; she was and still is. But Andrew is hot on her heels. He's her equal and sometimes more so at this stage. He's more into throwing and kicking at this age. Of course, at this age for M, we were still in Brooklyn, sans yard, so maybe it's just different opportunities.

Over the last few weeks, he's really gotten into reading his books too. You just try to tell him no when he grabs a book and backs into you, angling for some lap time. Just try it, I say. You won't be able to pull it off.

Here are some more pics from the last few weeks. Click on the picture to move to the next one or use the thumbnails at the bottom. You can also place your mouse above the word 'Notes' to see any commentary I felt like adding.

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