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January 18, 2008

Wintry entry

Young Andrew is on the precipice of birthday #1 (on Feb 2) and is doing fantastically. He started stumbling around trying to figure out the whole walking thing back in November, taking tentative steps a little before Thanksgiving. Then he kept at it all December, still mainly crawling but working on his walking in his free time. Then, right after the New Year, some sort of switch just clicked and he became a walker. Literally over the course of a day or two, he went from an occasional stumble to all walking, all the time.

He's also making some progress on eating solid foods, finally. Meredith was chomping down solid foods with far more gusto when she was this ripe old age, but Andrew hasn't been as enamored. Give him so yogurt or baby food and he's a happy camper. Give him a pea and he'll set speed records relocating the aforementioned pea to the floor.

Meredith is loving her second year of preschool. It's striking to see the difference between her and the 3 yr olds. She's one of the big 4 yr olds that the other kids look up to this year. Despite the snow on the ground and the sled that Santa brought, we haven't gotten out to sled yet. Either too cold or too snowy or too distracted. We'll get out soon though.

We've got Josie's sister Erin and a friend arriving here tomorrow for the long weekend. Apparently, they missed the memo about visiting Chicago in January. Temps might not get above 20 for the whole weekend. Ouch. But we're looking forward to the visit.

Then my sister Jill is coming here two weeks later for her second annual Feb trip to Chicago. It's for a conference but it happens to fall exactly on Andrew's b-day, so that should be fun. It's also going to be Super Bowl weekend, so go Cowboys! may the best team win.

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