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October 19, 2007

What is a shrift? Is it always short?

Mr. AndrewOne loyal reader recently suggested a name change on the site to "horribly disappointing". can't say I disagree. For those of you who said kid #2 would get short shrift, what can I say?

Andrew is getting plenty of shrift, his publicist (me) is just so busy giving him other kinds of shrift that the site has suffered. What is shrift anyway and why is it so exalted?

Anyway, I'm going short on the commentary but there are new pics up. We're off tomorrow to see Dad and Barbara in North Carolina for a week or so, a long overdue vacation. M is doing fantastic in her pre-school, loves being 4 and is playing a team sport (soccer) for the first time. Now that she's four, she loves to regale us with stories of when she was two years old. If she actually did half of the things she claims to have done when she was 2 years old, she'd be mighty accomplished indeed. Some of her 2-year old exploits are real, others not so much. Some of the not so real ones are mundane (when I was 2-years old I already had that soup), others more fantastic and often involving princesses and/or mermaids.

Meredith's explanation of a large puddle of yogurt on the counter just yesterday, one that hadn't been there 90 seconds prior when I was in the room:

Greg: Meredith, how did that happen?
M: What?
Greg: This yogurt.
M: Oh, when you left the room I got hungry and then it made a mess.

Her role, which I strongly suspect was a key one, was markedly downplayed in her version of events.

Andrew is doing really great, 8+ months now and crawling like a track star and climbing stairs like a person-who-climbs-stairs-real-good star. He's very animated and it's great watching him interact with her. He has built-in entertainment with Meredith (good) and has also been battered around and bumped into and wrestled around more than M was in her whole life. Take the good with the bad.

Alright, I said no commentary, but couldn't help myself. I'll stop now. New pictures are a click away, but only if you click in the right spot, which conveniently is right here.

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