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June 5, 2007

4 month birthday

Mr. AndrewAndrew blew past the 4-month mark over the weekend; had his doctor checkup today and everything is great. He's up to 17 pounds (merely big) and 27 inches long/tall (way big). No wonder it's hard to walk around with him for too long. Personality wise, he's really starting to light up, with smiles and fun baby noises galore.

M is still doing great with him and is doing great in general. She finished her pre-school last week so that will be a void to fill. Swim lessons, perhaps. Or maybe just hours and hours of TV. We're trying to break her of this reading kick she's developed.

This will be our first summer here in this house, 2nd in Chicago. One thing that should help fill the summer days is our new addition to the family. Yes, after only about a 6 week gestation period (waiting for the crew to actually show up), we and the nice people at the bank who let us live here are the proud owners of a brand new bouncing patio. The crew was here on Friday and got the job done in one day. Then we had a nice rainy weekend so that we could admire it from inside the house. Better weather will return.

Other interesting M tidbits. After not wearing a dress more than one or two times during her first 3 years, she's become a dress-wearer of the highest order. It really began in the fall and was an excuse to wear tights, but she's since become quite the stylish 3 year old. It will be interesting to see whether the warm summer days will get her back into shorts. It hasn't happened yet.

She's also been going to a weekly cooking class for the last month. The kids get to break the eggs, stir the food thingies (ingredients, I think they're called) and in general make a mess that we don't have to clean up. It's great.

Finally, we passed our one-year Chicago anniversary about 2 weeks back. Can't believe it's been that long. It's been a hell of a busy year, but a good one.

There are 30+ new pics posted. Click here or click on the pic above to see them all.

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