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April 19, 2007

Plowing ahead with spring

Mr. AndrewThe temps haven't quite reflected spring yet (although this weekend is supposed to change that), but that hasn't kept us from doing spring-like things. In the last week or so, we've gardened extensively, M and I saw a Cubs game at Wrigley Field and we've painted a bathroom. Industrious little group ain't we, especially with a 2 1/2 month old nipper whose main job continues to be to keep us awake.

The gardening part of things involved ripping out scads of ivy that looked pretty blah. We now have replaced the ugly ivy spots with ugly barren spots where the ivy used to be. Next up it's time to plant. Mucho thanks to Monica and Jim for traveling out from the East Coast to lend a hand. By 'lend a hand', I mean 'do the lion's share of the work'. Jim at least got to go to a Cubs game for his troubles, while Monica got to enjoy some time in the yard. That must have been a nice break from her full time job ... at a garden.

Earlier tonight I went to a Dad's ice cream party at Meredith's school. It was very fun; M thought it was pretty awesome to go to school after hours (it was an evening party). The ice cream with cherries and sprinkles might have helped too.

New pics are posted. Click the picture above for more of 'em.

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April 9, 2007

One of those "we'll laugh about it later" stories

...and then, just as I was cleaning up the 8 raw eggs off of the living room floor, I looked up to see Andrew pee on Josie's lap.

The story above is good enough to stand on the conclusion alone. You don't really need to know what led up to that last sentence, you can just infer that it's a good story.

If in fact you do want to know what happened, here's the outline version. It involves

  • Easter eggs, hard boiled
  • Turns out that they weren't so hard boiled after all, as we'll soon find out.
  • After hiding them throughout the living room, Meredith found them and put them into her basket. By 'put' I really mean slammed.
  • While the egg gathering took place, Josie knelt down on the floor to check Andrew's diaper.
  • I didn't actually see the next part happen, but apparently when Meredith 'put' the 8th egg in the basket, it set off some sort of egg-breaking chain reaction.
  • Big mess ensued and I started feeling a little sorry for myself since it happened on my watch which meant I had to clean it up. I hate that.
  • My feeling sorry for myself lasted for about 20 seconds, because that's when Andrew, unfettered by the constraints of his Pampers, let loose with marksman-like aim.
  • Suddenly my egg cleanup seemed like minor league unpleasantness; Josie had taken the lead on that score. We had ourselves a genuine Hallmark moment.
  • After extended cleanup efforts, we resumed egg hunting later in the day with proper hollow plastic eggs and Andrew remained diapered.

Good times.


Andrew is doing well after his 2 month birthday. He checked in healthy at his appointment, still quite big and tall. He's also starting to show some smiles more and more frequently.


If any of you faithful readers are hooked up with a webcam and ever want to do a little video chat, let me know. We're hooked up with a Skype account and will talk anywhere, anytime.

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