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June 3, 2006

Where are we?!

If you're looking for us in Brooklyn, you're going to run into some obstacles. The biggest obstacle, really the only one, is that we are now, oh, about 800 miles west of there. What, says you? Well, if you haven't heard, we moved to Chicago about two weeks ago. After just over 8 years in Park Slope, we have uprooted ourselves in search of...what? Well, in early February I found out about a job opening with a sister company within Kaplan. I mulled over whether to apply or not for a while. Josie and I discussed it quite a bit and realized it was a good step forward, especially since it should help us get into a house or at least into a bigger place.

The catch is, the job is in Chicago. Meredith knew about as much about Chicago as we did. Neither of us had been there before other than to change planes at O'Hare. But most people we knew that had any connections to it had great things to say. So in late April the three of us came out for a long weekend to get acquainted. It was a fast trip but we liked what we saw. I also interviewed on that trip and got an offer. After mulling it over for a bit, I accepted and we began our way-too-fast exodus from Brooklyn and NYC.

The last 5 or so weeks have been chaotic: wrapping up my duties at work, trying to say goodbye to friends, lining up a place to live in Chicago, coordinating a move, trying to check items off of the 'things we want to do before we leave' list. Crazy.

We drove away from Brooklyn on Thursday two weeks ago after an exhausting day with the movers. We left at around 7 and drove that night for about 4 hours, stopping for the night some place in the middle of Pennsylvania. We got up the next day and drove all day to Chicago, getting in around midnight. Yuck. Meredith scored big, though, since we surmised that a trip of that distance would be vastly more pleasant if she had a DVD player to watch movies. And guess what, we were 100% right. For the most part, she was great with very few problems.

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