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January 29, 2006

Say what?

Meredith says (or has said) some cute things over the last few months and I've done a very irresponsible job of recording them. Here then is an attempt to capture some of those in writing. This is mainly focusing on individual words, maybe a full phrase or thread thrown in. This is what a 2 year old sounds like.

Mair-dee = Meredith
Mair-dee wahn some = I strongly suggest that you give me some of what you're eating
Meanboom = Her stuffed bear Moonbeam
Ant Ernie = Aunt Erin
Ant Gosh = Aunt Jill (this version of the name has grown out of fashion)
Ant Jye = Aunt Jill (this is the latest incarnation)
Peas, Tiny, Milk = her favorite dinner, green peas, tortellini & milk
All by self = I'll do -- insert activity here -- myself, Daddy, but thanks anyway. We hear this a lot.
Ag-ee-ot = Alligator
Igg-ee-ahn-ee = Iguana


I'm not going to eat it, Daddy.
-- When I asked her why she was sucking her thumb

Posted by Greg on January 29, 2006 10:37 PM


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