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September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita update

Jud and Joyce and Audrey (Josie's parents & grandmother) are hunkered down at Audrey's house in Silsbee, about 20 miles north of Beaumont. They are there with their troop of dogs. Jud got a call through to us this morning and said that they were OK, although the connection was pretty bad so we didn't get any other details. I talked to Joyce at about 11am (better connection this time); Audrey's house is fine but there are trees down all around them, including some blocking the driveway. The electricity and phone are both out, so their only connection is cell phones. So they're going to be there for a bit, but they have plenty provisions to see them through.

Erin (Josie's sister) evacuated to Normangee, TX where her boyfriend Gregg's mom lives. Normangee is about an hour north and slightly west of Houston, so it was a good place to be. Gregg himself is a firefighter for Galveston so he stayed on the island with the other emergency workers. Fortunately the storm swung east and Galveston was on the 'good' side of the storm and escaped with less damage than there could have been. Erin talked to Gregg this morning and he was OK.

I've got a lot of extended family throughout East Texas and my mom is in Shreveport. They all should miss most of the heaviest wind but will get doused in the coming days.

That's the update for now.

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