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August 1, 2005

Dog days of summer

DSCN2058.JPGIt has been quite a hot stretch these last few weeks. Much love and appreciation to Josie for persevering and keeping Meredith entertained at the local parks. Her reward: she and Meredith are off to Texas later this week for a week and a half of visiting family and friends down in those parts. Show her a good time, everybody.
We dog-sat our "step-dog" Darwin for four days last week for friend Monika. Imagine Meredith loving Darwin, imagine her being obsessed with him, imagine her with a big ol' cup of infatuation and you'd be about halfway towards picturing how much she adores playing with Darwin. And he is just about perfect for her, since he just calmly takes whatever she has in mind for him. She 'walks' him all over our apartment, tries to sit with him, kiss him, hug him, pet him, etc. It is consuming.
There are about 30 new pics posted, mostly from the Seattle trip, but with a few others scattered about as well. Click on the pic to the left to see the rest.

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