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July 13, 2005

Just a sprain

Got word from the doctor today about my ankle; it's just a sprain, but a pretty bad one.

humongous_black_boot.jpgThey've given me an enormous air boot thing to wear to keep it stabilized until the swelling is down. It does the trick as far as keeping things stable, but geez, there's no way to look cool and/or hip (like I normally do) when wearing this thing.
Meredith has done an odd thing ever since we returned from the left coast. She's been waking up after 7am every day. Unheard of. We suspect it's just her way of dealing with jet lag and therefore we don't expect it to last, but damn it's been nice the last few days.

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July 11, 2005

Back from Seattle

Well, we're back from Seattle, all in one piece (but barely -- more below). We flew out there on the day before the 4th and spent the week enjoying good company, good food, good hikes, good just about everything. Meredith was, I think, pretty even in maintaining her "being the entertainer"/"being entertained" equilibrium. She couldn't get enough of seeing family and she gave as good as she got, keeping us all pretty much on our toes. She's got more and more new words and even a few phrases, like 'is hiding' when Mawam (aka William) was hiding from her. Sounded like 'is highn-dee', but we got it.

Thanks to Gary, Ann, Sam and Ben for letting us invade and explore their gorgeous Pacific Northwest turf. Pictures to come soon.
On a downer note, I severely sprained my right ankle a little over halfway through the trip (on Josie's birthday no less) and that curtailed my activity quite a bit on the last two days. It's still swollen and five days later I'm still trying to get it looked at. At first, I assumed I'd just take it easy for a few days and it would be OK. Plus, being in Seattle I didn't want to fool with finding a doctor. But over the weekend it hasn't gotten tons better, so I'm going to get it checked out. I hope it's nothing worse than a real bad sprain.

My regular doctor is out on vacation, though, and the doctors that his office recommended for me don't accept my insurance. So I've spent the day in a Kafka-esque attempt to get someone to see me. I was met mainly with busy signals, interminable holds followed by disconnects, doctors who could see me the first week of August (great!) and more doctors who don't accept my insurance, even though I was referred to them from my insurance. I tried referral services who conveniently found doctors 20 miles from me. Double great. I think I found a place that will see me tomorrow AM; if not, I'm off to an emergency room as a last resort. Stupid health care system.

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