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June 29, 2005

First hired gun

Today was a pretty big day, milestone-wise. Our friend Wendy had asked Josie to help her out for a couple of days with a special project at the museum she works at (the New York Hall of Science, if you're scoring at home). Today was day 1 of that project which means that today was also day 1 of Meredith staying all day with a hired babysitter.

Sounds mundane and I know it happens across the country millions of times a day, but it was a first for us -- the first time M has spent any time with anyone other than a family member or a good friend. Yikes! Of course, we weren't nervous at all, no way. OK, maybe a little. But it went well; Meredith seemed to like the sitter, the sitter liked Meredith and there was nothing eventful to report. That's the way we like it.
Some people have asked how I did in the pool tournament I mentioned a few weeks back. Let's just say I'm not booking my ticket to Vegas. We ended up losing fairly early, unfortunately. It brings to mind that famous old saying: "Crap!".
Josie and I had the rare treat of going to see a movie last weekend (thank you Monica! And Darwin!) and the chance wasn't wasted on a so-so movie. Go see Crash if you have a chance. It is riveting look at race and tension in LA. This is not a light summer movie where you'll go to escape your troubles and worries for two hours, but I thought that the subject was not only fascinating, but the execution was superb. The closest movie I could compare it to would be Traffic from a few years ago. It was that good.

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