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June 20, 2005

Father's Day has come and gone

We just came off a very full weekend here. Not a whole lot to report out of the ordinary. M is doing fine; her biggest noticeable change over the last weeks is a burgeoning vocabulary. Any time a bus drives by, she shrieks out 'Busssss-Bussss'. Actually, when the windows are open which they have been lately owing to our mild weather, if she even hears a bus she will run to the window excitedly screaming her new word.

I got to play 9 holes of golf on Sunday, my first golf outing in a quite a while. I played at a course in Marine Park, Brooklyn, which is in south Brooklyn, a few miles east of Coney Island. Form a picture in your mind of what a Brooklyn golf course is like and I bet you're not far off. It wasn't the swankest place I've ever played, but it was uncrowded and there are a few holes where the Empire State Building and the Verrazzano bridge tower off in the distance.

Shameless website plugs and congrats involving two recent family additions to friends of ours. First, Paul, Josie's former co-worker from the garden, and his wife Elizabeth had their first baby, Ana, a few months back. Belated congrats to Mom, Dad and Ana.

And Tim and Julie, our friends in Austin, added a feminine touch to the family on Friday when Alana joined older brothers Benton and Carson. Way to go guys.

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