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June 29, 2005

First hired gun

Today was a pretty big day, milestone-wise. Our friend Wendy had asked Josie to help her out for a couple of days with a special project at the museum she works at (the New York Hall of Science, if you're scoring at home). Today was day 1 of that project which means that today was also day 1 of Meredith staying all day with a hired babysitter.

Sounds mundane and I know it happens across the country millions of times a day, but it was a first for us -- the first time M has spent any time with anyone other than a family member or a good friend. Yikes! Of course, we weren't nervous at all, no way. OK, maybe a little. But it went well; Meredith seemed to like the sitter, the sitter liked Meredith and there was nothing eventful to report. That's the way we like it.
Some people have asked how I did in the pool tournament I mentioned a few weeks back. Let's just say I'm not booking my ticket to Vegas. We ended up losing fairly early, unfortunately. It brings to mind that famous old saying: "Crap!".
Josie and I had the rare treat of going to see a movie last weekend (thank you Monica! And Darwin!) and the chance wasn't wasted on a so-so movie. Go see Crash if you have a chance. It is riveting look at race and tension in LA. This is not a light summer movie where you'll go to escape your troubles and worries for two hours, but I thought that the subject was not only fascinating, but the execution was superb. The closest movie I could compare it to would be Traffic from a few years ago. It was that good.

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June 20, 2005

Father's Day has come and gone

We just came off a very full weekend here. Not a whole lot to report out of the ordinary. M is doing fine; her biggest noticeable change over the last weeks is a burgeoning vocabulary. Any time a bus drives by, she shrieks out 'Busssss-Bussss'. Actually, when the windows are open which they have been lately owing to our mild weather, if she even hears a bus she will run to the window excitedly screaming her new word.

I got to play 9 holes of golf on Sunday, my first golf outing in a quite a while. I played at a course in Marine Park, Brooklyn, which is in south Brooklyn, a few miles east of Coney Island. Form a picture in your mind of what a Brooklyn golf course is like and I bet you're not far off. It wasn't the swankest place I've ever played, but it was uncrowded and there are a few holes where the Empire State Building and the Verrazzano bridge tower off in the distance.

Shameless website plugs and congrats involving two recent family additions to friends of ours. First, Paul, Josie's former co-worker from the garden, and his wife Elizabeth had their first baby, Ana, a few months back. Belated congrats to Mom, Dad and Ana.

And Tim and Julie, our friends in Austin, added a feminine touch to the family on Friday when Alana joined older brothers Benton and Carson. Way to go guys.

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June 7, 2005

New pictures, and more

About 20 new pictures are up. Look at them or else I'll, well, I don't know what I'll do. Probably nothing.

DSCN2058.JPGClick on the lovely sample here to go direct to the latest batch of pictures or click on the "pictures" link above to see the main pictures page.
UPDATE: regarding the cell phone incident I wrote about a few weeks ago, it turns out that the phone is indeed kaput. Meredith is probably etching a little picture of a cell phone on her crib post as we speak, keeping a tally of her kills.
We just came off our hottest weekend of the year, temps in 80s for the first time. We spent some time across the street at the playground where there's a sprinkler set up for the young'uns to play in. We weren't real sure how M would like it, but that was quickly put to rest. She loved it, she was cackling every time the water would hit her. Much fun.

M got her first official haircut a few weeks ago. We went to a kids hair place/toy store named Lulu's that is just a few blocks away. She sat still through the whole cut and was a model haircut-ee. Plus, and this is unbiased, the new cut is fantastic and she looks gorgeous.
For those who don't know, I've been playing pool in a league since last fall. Gets me out of the house once a week for a little friendly competition, which is all I was looking for when I got involved. Turns out that my team has won our league championship this season and is entered into an 8-team tournament for the wider New York/Long Island area. Winning team gets an expenses paid trip to Vegas to play in a national tournament. Wish me luck. Tourney is this Saturday.
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