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May 23, 2005

Good weekend here

Good weekend here, fairly relaxing. Highlight was a Sunday morning kid outing. Josie and several of the other moms in her regular Moms group fiendishly finagled a deal whereby they all went to brunch sans husbands and sans kids, while the dads took the kids to the park for a few hours. Two of the dads were out of town, so we were outnumbered, 6 to 4. Plus one of the other couples, Tom and Kathy, has already had kid #2, so there were actually six toddlers, one infant and four dads. Sounds like the setup for a pretty bad sitcom, doesn't it?

It actually went quite well. We set up in the middle of the meadow part of the park and let the kids have free rein. As long as no one wandered more than 30 yards or so away, all was well. They had a blast and so did we, the moms included.

Posted by Greg on May 23, 2005 9:54 PM


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