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March 9, 2005

Our journey begins

We're off to Texas tomorrow AM, bright and early. If you know where we live, please don't burgle us.

NY today: wind chill around 15 degrees.
Texas tomorrow: sunny and 67 degrees.

Do the math.

I've posted a few new pics, more from our trip to NC in Feb. These were from a batch Dad took with his camera that I just got my hands on.

If you want to get funny looks (and who doesn't), walk several blocks in Brooklyn in the aforementioned sub-freezing temps whilst carrying your golf clubs. I'm bringing my clubs with me to Texas with hopes of playing. I keep them in my car trunk usually, so I walked over to get them earlier tonight. Eyebrows were raised as I walked along. One witty fellow who was taking a smoke break outside a bar down the street from us pointed at a grassy patch down the street and yelled out to me that he thought he saw my ball. Ha.

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