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March 9, 2005

Our journey begins

We're off to Texas tomorrow AM, bright and early. If you know where we live, please don't burgle us.

NY today: wind chill around 15 degrees.
Texas tomorrow: sunny and 67 degrees.

Do the math.

I've posted a few new pics, more from our trip to NC in Feb. These were from a batch Dad took with his camera that I just got my hands on.

If you want to get funny looks (and who doesn't), walk several blocks in Brooklyn in the aforementioned sub-freezing temps whilst carrying your golf clubs. I'm bringing my clubs with me to Texas with hopes of playing. I keep them in my car trunk usually, so I walked over to get them earlier tonight. Eyebrows were raised as I walked along. One witty fellow who was taking a smoke break outside a bar down the street from us pointed at a grassy patch down the street and yelled out to me that he thought he saw my ball. Ha.

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March 3, 2005

Wintry Weather

Winter drags on here, with more snow and more cold weather. On the plus side, Meredith is finally getting the hang of the whole snow thing and starting to like it. There are a few sledding pictures added that prove this.

Other recent happenings included a trip around Valentine's weekend to North Carolina to see Dad and Barbara. Josie stayed behind in NYC for a much, much, much anticipated several days off. So I flew intrepidly solo to Asheville with Meredith; easy, easy. Aunt Jill flew out from Dallas, so she, Granddad and Mimi got some good quality Meredith time. (They got some good quality Greg-time too, but that didn't seem to impress them as much. Weird, huh.)

Granddad and Mimi have a new Weimaraner puppy named Zach, who isn't really very puppy-sized anymore. We were all a little unsure about how Zach would respond to Meredith and vice-versa. But after a tentative first hour or two, it's fair to say that they're now best buds. The NC trip was great, very relaxing for all involved, including Josie back in NYC. She got to have a proper adult weekend, going to movies, museums, sleeping in, etc. I swear that I think I caught her online booking my next trip when I came back!

More recently, we managed to make it out to Central Park last Sunday to see 'The Gates' before they made their departure. It was certainly an interesting sight, but I have to say what made it most interesting to me was the unusually large crowd that was in Central Park. I'm sure the population of the park was larger by many times what a usual late February afternoon would normally see. So that was a testament to the allure (or hype?) of the exhibit, the 'I've got to see The Gates' mentality that seemed to grab New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Next on the agenda is a trip down Texas-way. Josie's best friend from UT, Kerry, is getting hitched on Mar 12th, which is the nominal reason we're heading down. But while we're in the vicinity, we'll be doing our usual family tour of the state to see and be seen. We're leaving next Thursday and I'll be down there for about 10 days, Josie and Meredith will stay about 10 days longer. Should be a lot of fun. Ciao.

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