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January 25, 2005

You never write anymore...

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything new. I ran out of room on my free web space, so I took a hiatus for a bit. But I've found a new place to host the website that won't break the bank. And I took advantage of the time off to update the look of the site. Hope you enjoy it better.

Be sure to update your bookmarks. The address of the website isn't the old 'phelpsg.mindspring' address. It is now simply:


As for Meredith, she's still Meredith. Since the last post in early fall, she's become oh-so-much-more mobile. She started walking in late August and hasn't looked back since. One of my more vivid memories of her from this last fall will be the image of her marching down busy Brooklyn streets (and once in Times Square), fearlessly plodding forward with only an occasional look back to make sure one of us is still with her. When she's in particularly high spirits, she'll add a little gesturing and barking out of orders to the mix as she cruises on down the sidewalk.

One unintended side effect of her urban raising: during a Texas visit in November, she showed a marked preference for cement to grass when given a choice. She's treating grass as some sort of alien surface, best taken in small doses. I guess we need to work in some more park time soon!

Word-wise, she's very chatty. We're pretty sure she has a healthy vocabulary, but we are just inept when it comes to translating. We'll figure it out soon.

Holiday-wise, Meredith spent Halloween as a fearsome ladybug, then we spent Thanksgiving in Shreveport with MeMac (Greg's Mom). Christmas was here in Brooklyn with just the three of us, low key but fun. As expected, the boxes and wrappers were big hits as well as the toys. It's hard to beat a simple empty box at her age.

More recently, she got to experience a blizzard just the other day. She was a little unsure about all the snow; she wasn't exactly freaked out by it, but she wasn't diving in to it to make snow tunnels either. She's probably a year away from having some good fun in the snow.

What else? She still loves to be read to and loves to grab her books and run off on her own to 'read' (flip open the book and loudly babble as she turns the page). Loves her puzzles and sorting toys. Loves her two, count 'em, two play kitchens.

That's it for now. Sorry for the hiatus. Click on the 'Pictures' link at the top of the page for the latest pics. There are two full pages, some from as far back as the August trip to Texas.

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