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January 29, 2004

Cabin Fever

Meredith's first winter has proven to be a cold one. Can you say 'cabin fever'? She's doing great though, more and more fun everyday. Her sleep has become a little more predictable, which has been nice. And her ability to get to sleep on her own has taken a turn for the better too. That's real, real nice. Hope I'm not jinxing it.

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January 11, 2004

to Tejas and back again

After a long journey to Tejas for the holidays, we're all back in Brooklyn, safe and sound (and cold). Meredith had nearly 4 weeks to meet and get re-acquainted with the members of her rapidly growing fan club. Mama and Papa were more than happy to show her off and to reap the rewards of multiple helping hands. Thanks to all of you down there for making it a memorable trip. Now on to the pics. Click the link to the left and enjoy a bonanza of pics, about 60 in all.

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