Tale of the Tape

Garden Gnome


Meredith aka "The Gnominator"

Weight unknown, but very heavy to avoid tipping. clearly affects agility.


17 lbs, 2 oz at 9-month checkup. Moves well.



29 3/4"

Hard to calculate, but the lantern he's holding figures to be a hindrance
Average for her size, somewhat uncontrolled at times

By all accounts, seems to be completely inert. Could be his Achilles' heel. Younger, more mobile opponents should give him fits.
Should crawl circles around her older, more immobile opponent. If she can get the drop on him, expect to see her pull up into a standing postion and exploit her quickness.

Likely his greatest asset. Can stand for hours, days, or longer in one place without rest.
Endurance is fleeting. At times it is there, but she still lacks focus at her age to power through when her body is tiring. Thus, the two naps a day.

Clearly on the portly side, but must eat when no one is watching.
On a very high-carb diet. Among her favorites are raisins, apples, bananas and peas, with Cheerios being the clear favorite. On a side note, all of the above foods can often be found on the floor throughout her training facility.

With a face only a mother could love, we were unable to actually track down his mother, or in fact any family at all.
Mother, Josie, was two-time All-Southeast Texas Gnome Wrestling standout.....Father, Greg, born in Germany, trained at a young age with defectors from the East German team. Upon returning to the States, never competed in sanctioned events, but was highly regarded in so-called 'Gnome fight clubs'.